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ChristiannʼD Is an up and coming new wave RnB Artist/ Producer. Currently in the south of Atlanta,GA residing from Uptown Washington D.C. Growing up singing in high school and playing instruments , from that he fell in love with music at an early age. After finishing High School he moved away from home too only find his true passion for musicianship. From singing, writing, producing & engineering since 2016. The Singer- Songwriter- Producer has reached thousands of people with his mix of old school and modern day RnB making a name for his smooth transcending lyrical style. He has produced for major artist such as Young Joc. With the recent release of his newest ep “Iʼm okay, stay safe” ChristiannʼD has the sounds & presence to shape R&B for the

Christiann'D is also currently working on a project with LadyJo Entertainment.

Music Videos


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