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Denise Smith


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Denise Smith is a Screenwriter, Award-Winning Author, Publisher and Motivational Speaker.

She released her debut book "Be Careful Who You Love" in the fall of 2016 in an attempt to raise HIV/Aids Awareness. Be Careful Who You Love later won "Most likely to become a film. Later that year, she founded her first small business Smith Publishing, LLC , with whom herself and her staff have released 20 plus titles for other authors.  

In February 2017, she was featured on Star Nations National Radio Show to discuss Be Careful Who You Love and the importance of raising HIV/Aids Awareness. It was around this same time that she began to put the film for Be Careful Who You Love into production after receiving feedback from Hollywood film producers that her story idea had been labeled a Psychological Thriller.

By July of 2017, she released her second book titled "Adulthood" to allow her readers to have a more intimate peek at her life, including childhood traumas and the struggles she faced as a single- parent while building her career.

In October of 2018 she released her third book titled "Virtuous Woman" (co-authored by Patricia Simms) which was a "Call to Christ" for young women across the world. On August 10th, 2018 Denise landed her first on-set interview on Fox 8 News to discuss Virtuous Woman alongside of her co-author and on October 20th, 2018, Virtuous Woman was featured in local Barnes and Noble Stores in High Point, NC.  

In December of 2018 Denise released her fourth book titled "Gracefully Broken" to inspire other young entrepreneurs to stand fearless in pursuing their dreams even while facing adversity. It was at this point that she also discovered her passion for the film industry and acquired certification as a Screenwriter. She was signed to Lady Jo Ent. in September, 2019, and is currently in process of pitching her screenplay to major film producers.


Be Careful Who You Love Logline:

A highly sought after executive assistant looks for love in all the right places, but when her plan takes a sudden shift, her happily ever after turns into complete terror!

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