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Inita Nicole Callaway


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Inita Nicole Callaway aka I.N.C. Writes was born and raised on the West side of Chicago, IL.  She has been exposed to environments of polar opposites and only knew how to express what she was internalizing through elaborate storytelling. Her imagination was always vivid, and she was the “what if child”, which would keep her in her head for hours further expanding its capacity to think deeper and more complex.  Her vehement love for words always kept her sane but she kept her writing hidden in a journal because she was not confident enough to share it with the world. Once she realized that she was the puppet master of the words, she let go of all her inhabitations and started a writing career and later a business named I.N.C Writes, LLC.


Inita has over 12 years of writing experience which includes blogging, ghostwriting, authoring a book, and writing screenplays. Inita’s ghostwriting clients range from a former NFL player, U.S. veteran to a luxury real estate agent. Inita Nicole is a natural born storyteller with a vibrant imagination that captivates the reader with her knack for showing details. She breathes life into a flat page and turns the reading experience into a 4D dimensional one.

Inita often shares with people that she did not start LIVING until she was 36 years old, up until then she was just this idea of what could be. All of her greatness and limitless power was locked up waiting to be uncovered. She dealt with low self-esteem and lack of confidence for most of her life and her purpose had become covered. When woke up and started using her pen, a new life was discovered.

“I’m boxed in, so I’m writing my way out. With each swipe of my pen, I finally see an escape route.”

 – Inita Nicole Callaway


Inita’s first book released in October of 2018 titled, I’m Writing My Wrongs, I’m Not Righting Wrongs, which was derived was from her blog called “The B- LOGS”. The blog was a way of escape when she finally was set free. Her life has changed drastically ever since.


I.N.C. Writes is working diligently to develop her craft to work with movie producers, writers, and directors such as Ava DuVerny, Lena Waithe, Issa Rae, Tyler Perry, Will Packer, The Wayne’s Brothers, Will Smith, and Ice Cube, just to name a few. Her limitless mindset recognizes that she WILL be there and will in turn be an inspiration to black women that desire to use their pen to change the world.


Inita Nicole has a very high aptitude for creating and collaborating with others. She also has created a workshop called the WRITE. PAINT. HEAL. EXPERIENCE that involves, writing, artistic expression, creativity and healing. When Inita is not writing she is being a certified Mindset Coach and conducts workshop experiences for people who want to be the best versions of themselves and walk down a purpose filled road. Her coaching clients range from stay at home moms to doctors and everyone in between.


I.N.C Writes has married her love for words, storytelling, and encouragement to help other people see the greatness in themselves and go after it with valor, patience, faith, and pertinacity. 


Inita Nicole’s latest screenplay is titled ‘Boorish Hearts’, a romantic drama. Logline: A 32-year-old woman is tangled in numerous meaningless dalliances that steam from a toxic childhood and fights to make it to the altar to get married, but not without life altering struggles.

Excerpt from her book

Chapter 1:


“Four Quarters of Pain”


I’m a deep thinker. Always have been, but never took my own analyzing advice. I always went with the total opposite. As I reflect over the years, I see how my brokenness began. I see how it shaped me as a girl and broke me down as a woman.


The game of basketball was the most exciting for me when Michael Jordan was in the league. I followed it then, knew the players, and had those conversations of which players I thought was better. It reminded me of happy times in my life because our entire family watched it together. My damaged soul seemed like a game of b-ball. Broken down into four quarters. Suit up with your shorts, bottled water, and mouth guard, as I try to play defense, be the shooting guard, center, the point guard, the ref and be the spectator to my pain. Visualize yourself as the sub of one of these quarters, how would you react? Or maybe you experienced something similar to one of these stories, so you can relate. Either way, we’re playing basketball. 


For many people who are broken, they feel like there is no happy end. No healing or solutions available, so they walk through their life journey a mess and just going through the motions. Which means they are not truly happy with themselves. I can attest to it because I was there not too long ago. There were four pivotal times in my life, four quarters, that contributed to my brokenness. Each time built a harder beast to overcome. How do you cope with being broken? No, I did not have the pleasure of letting Iyanla fix my life. Instead I had to pull myself up by my bootstraps and realize that I mattered. Once I got that notion in my head my will to live free outweighed my willingness to have a constant pity party. As my relationship with God strengthen, my desire to know more about the word increased, and my prayer life changed. Until then, I was a broken person and did not realize it a lot of the time. As I reveal the most painful periods of my life, I encourage you to look at yourself and see how you can relate. Being torn, broken, shattered, and damaged is a hard life to live, but I masked it well. You always have a chip on your shoulder, and you lack confidence which affects the other areas of your life – causing a snowball effect.   

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