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Disco Twitter began spreading his favorite Disco and Funk vinyls with music lovers across social media. Whether they were rare vinyls found being sold on someone's porch or a party starter for the past 40 years.

Gathering fans all over the world, Jason began making mixes with the vinyl, capturing the ears of Disco enthusiasts everywhere. This would lead him to many radio appearances including Osaka FM, Disco Factory FM, Soul Groove Radio, Soul Cool Records, and more. After many sets, it was time for Jason to take his Disco classics on the road.

Jason has been invited all over the world to play, including Tokyo, Montreal, Cuba, London, The Netherlands, and more. Jason has performed at many famous venues including The Ace Hotel, Owl Osaka, Electric Avanue, Fabrica De Arte, and many others. He now continues to play consistently every year in NYC, San Francisco, Osaka and other cities.

Jason has since played monthly radio shows in Japan, The Netherlands, & London, also making his mark on the disco scene in the USA where he resides.

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