Rudolphus Thorpe



When I began painting 15 years ago, with support and encouragement from a family member, I had no idea that it would evolve into a spiritual journey. What started as a hobby has become a calling—it's my purpose in life.

Before I sketch or paint, I pray. For me, art is the means by which I reach the spiritual; creating art takes me to another level. The need to create is a gift that has been instilled in me.

My work is a combination of realism and abstract combined with a elegance and class to convey the beauty of God's creation and gifts. My passion for life is captured in my paintings.

Since the time I began painting, I have been privileged and blessed to share my work in local and national arenas. But perhaps the greatest blessing has been to engage in the creative process, a process which has put me in touch with my own soul, its connection to that of other human beings, and, ultimately, with God.

My paintings are intended to "breathe life into the soul". The goal is to empower the 

viewer with a visual insight into the human spirit that lives within all of us. 


In my work I use sculptured figures to spotlight an inspiring scene that makes the onlooker appreciate life as a gift. In addition, I use simple but elegant lines, silhouettes, and elongated figures on canvas. I work in mixed-medium, including clay and acrylics, and let my soul convey its impressions through my brush onto the waiting canvas.

Art Work



  • The Philadelphia Art Expo

  • The Essence Festival

  • The Stonecrest Arts Festival

  • Black Heritage Show

  • Sankofa Art Festival

  • Lake Meadow Art Show

  • Park Forest Art Show

  • RAL Show

  • President Jimmy Carter Presidential Center

  • Royalty Fine Arts

  • Defoor Fine Arts

  • Morehouse School of Medicine Annual Golf Tournament

  • Artistic "Visions"

  • Sylvia's of Harlem

  • Beyond Images Art Gallery

  • Art Concepts

  • Heritage Gallery

  • Starr Art Gallery

  • Neleh's Gallery

  • Tru Orlean's Restaurant D.C.

  • Detroit's Black McDonald's Owners of America, and

  • Many other galleries and businesses around the country